You can choose anything from parades to fireworks and even a limo exit. Check out these wedding send-offs that will make the special day even more elegant.


Choosing to use fireworks at your choice at you wedding makes a great,  loud and proud event! A fireworks display will add a huge layer to your reception. Go out with a bang literally.

Smoke Bombs

A smoke show gives couples an amazing dramatic exit for their wedding in Chicago. This is a trend that has caught on at wedding places in Chicago based on the color and ambiance that it will add to your wedding pictures.

Let It Snow

Implementing a snow exit is possible during any month of the year. I know what you’re thinking, how can we make a snow exit in the summer? With fake biodegradable snow confetti you can add this element no matter what your environment is.


A party isn’t a party until confetti starts dropping down from the ceiling. There’s no better way to exit your wedding than in a pool of confetti. This is similar to artificial snow meaning you can use it in any environment or in almost any wedding venue and it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Last Dance

The last dance at weddings is often overlooked but this is a great opportunity to exit your wedding with the praises of your guests. You can choose to leave on a slow sentimental note or use an upbeat song to excite the crowd. No matter which way you choose to go out make sure you put a good amount of thought into your exit.