You’re in the process of planning your wedding. There are so many little details and big decisions to make and now you’re worrying about what you need to do to please your guests! Firstly you need to take a deep breath and remember this is your wedding and all these decisions and small details need to please you. The things that your guests will really be concerned about most of all are: the time, location, date, food and drink.

The Date, Location and Time

The date of your wedding is an important decision. You need to take into consideration, for yourself and your guests, the time of year it falls on. Will the weather be suitable? Too hot or too cold? This is an especially important decision if you are planning to have an outside wedding. If it is scheduled around big holiday dates, your friends may have already planned holidays and will be out of town.

The location is another important decision for you. Wedding venues in Chicago are very popular at specific times of the year. If you want a specific estate or banqueting hall Chicago based, you need to make sure your chosen location is available.

The Food and Drink

The food is the most important factor your wedding guests are thinking about second only to the alcohol! Make sure your menu caters for vegetarians and vegans and that there is a choice for people with food allergies. Before you decide upon a caterer make sure you try the food to see if it tastes as good as it looks. With drinks, people tend to overlook the presence of children and non- drinkers. have a selection of soft drinks and mocktails, which always go down well.