When planning a wedding, food is always involved. A wedding event catering service is a great way to satisfy your guests and make your wedding perfect. When you’re celebrating a new chapter of your life, it’s hard to have fun on an empty stomach.

Stardust Banquet Hall will make sure to accommodate your guests of any size and work with you to achieve the wedding of your dreams. We have years of experience planning fully customizable menus and delivering fantastic culinary service. Our expert coordinators and talented chefs will work with you every step of the way to deliver a great event catering service for your special day.

The Size of Your Wedding

The size is key when deciding on an event catering service for a wedding. For large weddings and venues, opt for buffet-style dining to ensure everyone can be served adequately. On the other hand, more intimate gatherings are best suited to family-style meals allowing guests to help themselves as they, please. No matter what style you choose – it’s always smart to have extra servings at every celebration so that no one ever goes hungry!

Customize Your Menu

Crafting the perfect menu for your special event is no easy feat. Whether you’re serving a delectable dish as an entrée or hosting family style, plan accordingly to ensure there’s something on the table that everyone will love! Make sure to double-check and ensure all of your bases are covered – from starters and sides through desserts – so you don’t leave anyone unsatisfied. Make choices that provide balance; consider what guests can enjoy late into the night with some protein in addition to those satisfying carbs we all crave! If questions arise about our catering services or wedding venue at Stardust Banquet Hall in Chicago, reach out -we’ve got plenty of answers ready for you every step of the way!